No genre is safe when The Bearded Brother's roll into your town. The 4 piece, based in New Port Richey Florida, is anything but your average bar band. Three piece harmonies, two blazing guitars, and a rhythm section with a thumping sweet groove and a deep pocket! The Bearded Brothers started out in life as a southern rock cover band, but slowly started transitioning into an original powerhouse; and a staple in the Florida music scene. The party these boys bring is second to none! However, the story takes a turn in November 2016, when former vocalist/ violinist Robert Cartwright loses his life in a fatal motorcycle accident. This tragedy shook the band, and the community, to it’s core. With the loss of such a key figure of the group, the Beards had to re-evaluate their band’s entire existence. Rob was one of the leading personalities on stage and off, and his untimely death reached far and wide. People from all over the country came to our humble town for his benefit concert, and it broke venue records. The park was absolutely filled beyond capacity, and the money raised for Rob’s two children shattered all expectations. Since Rob’s passing, the Beards dug deep and reshaped their entire stage show. They wanted to honor his memory, all the while bringing the positive party atmosphere they we’re so well known for. Let’s get to know the guys behind the facial hair! First you've got the boys that started the band, Thomas G and Ryan Embry. Thomas, originally from New York, but Florida raised has a voice and a cadence that is as original as it is unforgettable. Very country when need be with the ability to rock at a moments notice. Versatility is an understatement. With fantastic original songs, Thomas' lyrics are both introspective and light hearted. Hard working son of a proud family who stand by him no matter what! Ryan Embry comes from a family steeped in music. His father and uncle's being the forming members of the local legends Wiley Fox, now known as The Embry Brothers, he was no stranger to live music as a child and young adult. This early exposure to the business proved most valuable when it came time to begin realizing his own talents and dreams. Ryan gained a background in heavy metal and rock and roll while playing bass for the band Look Right Penny, giving him a very well rounded edge! Thomas and Ryan got together after meeting at a local bar and began doing duo work. They quickly began making a name for themselves as both musically well versed and equally entertaining. As fate would have it, life started opening doors, one after the other to lead to the creation of what is now The Bearded Brothers Band. Next to join up was Billy Isner, making the group a trio for the first time. Billy's drumming was a perfect fit. Technically impressive, balanced with a pocket and groove that made you want to move, they were quite the nasty three- piece. That, however, is not the end of Billy's story. The dream burned on in their minds. They all had a similar mindset that they wanted to expand the band with lead players. Billy is not only an accomplished drummer, but an amazing guitarist as well. Rounding out this 4 man party problem is Ghaith Khder. His heavy metal background and seamless technique culminate into a drumming style perfect for the Beard! Affectionately referred to as sledgehammer beard, he has spent much time on the road in the metal circuit however, he is also well rounded in his playing with experience in many other genres. The perfect fit, at the perfect time to take the Bearded Brothers train as far as they can go. PUT A BEARD ON IT!


~~The Bearded Brother's Band is comprised of 5 of the most energetic, fun loving, passionate musicians, who's sole purpose is ENTERTAINING THE BEARDED MASSES!!!


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