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The Bearded Brothers Band

No genre is safe when The Bearded Brother's roll into your town.


This five piece, based in New Port Richey Florida, is anything but your average bar band. Three piece harmonies, two blazing guitars, intense keys, and a rhythm section with a thumping sweet groove and a deep pocket! The Bearded Brothers started out in life as a southern rock cover band, but slowly started transitioning into an original powerhouse; and a staple in the Florida music scene. The party these boys bring is second to none!


However, the story takes a turn in November 2016, when former vocalist/ violinist Robert Cartwright loses his life in a fatal motorcycle accident. This tragedy shook the band, and the community, to it’s core. With the loss of such a key figure of the group, the Beards had to re-evaluate their band’s entire existence. Rob was one of the leading personalities on stage and off, and his untimely death reached far and wide. People from all over the country came to our humble town for his benefit concert, and it broke venue records. The park was absolutely filled beyond capacity, and the money raised for Rob’s two children shattered all expectations.


Since Rob’s passing, the Beards dug deep and reshaped their entire stage show. They wanted to honor his memory, all the while bringing the positive party atmosphere they we’re so well known for.

Today the Bearded Brothers Band is 3 guitars deep, with a thumping bass, sledge drums and some funky keys! There is nothing like a Bearded Brothers party!!


Band Members

Thomas Giamo Lead Vocals/ Guitar

Billy Isner Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Ghaith Khder Drums

Jason Allen Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Tre Dicci Bass/ Vocals

Michael John Aloia Keys

Eric Voge Manager